Human Resource

Talent Development

Philosophy: It takes ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to cultivate people. We always understand and grasp talent development as an urgent task concerning the overall situation and development. We also plan and promote it as a basic project for cultivating the core competitiveness of the group. By using the extensive and sophisticated resources owned by the group as a diversified enterprise, we create the group's unique talent training and development model that focuses on cultivating high-quality professional cadres and personnel with loyalty and integrity, and responsibility.


Building model: We adhere to the group's development strategy as the guidance, implement the standard of good cadres in state-owned enterprises, and establish a group management ability model of "One Essential-Two Hearts-Three Dimensions-Four Forces".

Talent reserve: We coordinate the building of talent teams in key areas, focus on expansion of the group's talent pool by identifying, training and promoting outstanding young cadres through a sound mechanism.

Training & development: We pay attention to talent cultivation and development, establish and perfect a tiered talent training and development system, and form a well-organized system for talent training and development hierarchy linkage.

Talent work shift: We integrate the needs of business development and talent team development, implementing a work shift program to assign talents to different jobs in a bid to turn various practices into diversified education. In this way, we encourage cadres to experience challenges, understand the world, strengthen capabilities, cultivate skills, and improve the ability to solve practical problems.

Exchange & learning: We are open and cooperative in making joint development; we actively implement the work of improving world-class management against standards; we strengthen school-enterprise cooperation; and we carry out exchanges and learning with benchmark enterprises.

Positive excitation: We firmly establish a working attitude of serving talents, responding to employees' demands and caring for employee well-being.

We offer you not merely a job, but also an opportunity for your growth and development, a career capable of realizing your self-value, and a stage where you are able to give full play to your strong points, skills, wisdom, and creativity.