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CTG Hotel Holdings Corporation Limited (formerly China CTS Hotel Group Co., LTD., renamed as of May 9, 2020; hereinafter referred to as the “the company”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Tourism Group Corporation Limited,the largest state-owned tourism enterprise in China. It was established in Hong Kong on April 10, 1985 and it relying on the resource platform and brand endorsement of China Tourism Group Corporation Limited. The company integrates the international advanced hotel management experience and the profound historical and cultural deposits of China, and is committed to enjoying the service with the quality of keeping pace with the times and highlighting the national brand charm of excellence.

The company originates from Hong Kong, the first hotel is also built and opened in Hong Kong, the brand is named after "Metropark", meaning "the scenery of Victoria Harbor", and then extended for the company's service purpose that is " Where Your Heart Parks". In August 2015, the company successfully entered the UK market by acquiring all the shares issued by Kew Green Hotels, the second largest hotel management company in the UK. In September 2016, inspired by the acquisition of KGH in the UK, the company launched a new British style brand "Kew Green" in China and in November of the same year, the first hotel of "Kew Green" Brand in China was launched gorgeously in Hong Kong. In November 2017, the company and the InterContinental Hotels Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides agreed to jointly conduct franchise high-end brand "Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts " and mid-range brand "Holiday Inn", "Holiday Inn Resort", opened in mainland China for the first time by the Chinese hotel group of franchising and management of international hotel group of high-end and mid-range brand precedent.

At present, the company owns four brands, namely "Metropark International", "Metropark", "Kew Green" and "Traveler Inn", covering three product series of medium and high-end, mid-range and business travel express hotel, providing guests with a richer choice of accommodation and meeting the personalized needs of quality travel in different circles.

“Metropark” series, the central city core business circle and the high quality holiday destination location, include "metropark international" five-star and "metropark" four-star two brands which have an extraordinary design,professional and personalized service and with adopting high and new technology , crossover, fashion elements for building the serenity enjoy of city garden and distinguished experience.

“Kew Green” series selects hot business circles in characteristic cities, devotes itself to create the style of "light luxury British style", meticulously creates the pure and strong British cultural atmosphere, and provides guests with enjoying of the traditional British art and with experience of advancing trend and fashion.

“Traveler Inn” series, choosing a place with convenient transportation in hot cities for business travel, means "a good residence in travel", combines busy business travel with relaxed life, and provides guests with healthy, convenient and safe business travel experience.

After 38 years of intensive cultivation, the company has accumulated rich management experience in brand, operation, talent, marketing, IT construction and other aspects, and has developed into an outstanding enterprise in the industry. At present, the company owns nearly 200 hotels with about 50,000 rooms, including sole proprietorship, joint venture, entrusted management, franchise management, leasing management and third-party management, mainly located in China, the UK and Thailand. China covers more than 40 mainland cities and region such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Sanya, and Suzhou as well as Hong Kong and Macao; the UK covers more than 30 cities such as London, Leeds, Birmingham, Lincoln, Portsmouth, and Brighton; Thailand, Laos, Brazil, Portugal, and other countries.

Looking to the future, the company will inherit decades brand culture accumulation, focus on the main business, strengthen the mission responsibility, precision farming iteration domestic national brand image, and accelerate the internationalization of the layout, the nation integrated industrial chain of high quality resources, constantly inject fresh impetus to accelerate the scale development, to open the business innovation of science and technology, with wisdom creates amazing experience, with professional originality and human feelings rich consumer scenarios, meticulously link quality accommodation travel experience and good wishes for the future of the enterprise, provides the high quality for the Chinese global travel lodging products and services, try hard to become a leader in the hospitality industry operation management.

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