Main Businesses

CTG Development

CTG Development Corporation Limited ("CTG Development") is restructured from its predecessor China Tourism Group Financial Services Co., Ltd. in September 2022, in an attempt to implement central government's direction and CTG's strategy of "Based in Hong Kong, Achieve Excellence Overseas". CTG Development will focus on getting stronger and bigger in Hong Kong while improving Hong Kong people's livelihood and promoting employment in Hong Kong.

CTG Development is devoted to investing in industries that are closely connected and synergizing with the main businesses of CTG Group. It will explore opportunities in new products, new services, and new technologies to incubate cultural tourism business with industrial thinking. It also takes over the financial and asset management business from CTG Group.

The subsidiaries operating under the flag of CTG Development include PrimeCredit Limited, Kai Fu Property Services Company Limited, Wilson Service Limited, China Tourism Group Industry Fund Management Co., Ltd., CTG Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., China Travel Insurance Advisers Hong Kong Ltd., China Tourism Group Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd., etc., meanwhile Zhongyuan Bank Co., Ltd., Greater Bay Area Homeland Industry Fund together with other entities also witness a participation from CTG Development.

PrimeCredit Limited is the largest non-bank consumer finance company in Hong Kong providing unsecured private loans (including credit cards business), and also one of the only two non-bank credit card issuers, with a market share of about 30% in the non-bank personal credit industry in Hong Kong. PrimeCredit Limited operates 25 offline outlets, 3 telephone service and sales centers, and a wide range of online platforms in Hong Kong, providing borrowers with easy-to-access products and services. PrimeCredit Limited's well-known brand "PrimCredit Brother" is a household name in Hong Kong. The PrimeCredit Limited launched a plurality of businesses such as installment loans for domestic helpers, credit card products for young consumers and domestic helpers, which provide much-needed financial aids to people not covered by traditional financial services, earning a market advantage and a reputation for helping those in need. In 2022, after the PrimeCredit Limited obtained the insurance agent license, it joins effort with FWD Insurance from the third quarter to provide PrimeCredit clients with a variety of insurance products, further expanding its services to local people in Hong Kong. By the end of September 2022, the number of active clients of PrimeCredit Limited reached 350,000, 60% among which are the young.

PrimeCredit – Recognized Local Financing Brand

Wewa Credit Card – Special Offer to Young Consumers

Domestic Helpers’ Credit Card

Kai Fu Property Services Company Limited has engaged in property management, cleaning, security and engineering maintenance for the public houses administrated by HKSAR government for over two decades, while maintaining a close partnership with Hong Kong Housing Authority in professional services. Kai Fu Property has more than 1600 local employees who provide services for nearly 130,000 Hong Kong citizens in over 40,000 residential units.

Wilson Service Limited, founded in 2012 in Hong Kong, is an expert in manned security services, providing professional security solutions for Hong Kong's property facilities including residential complexes, industrial and commercial enterprises, commercial buildings, and governmental building. The company has over 600 local employees in Hong Kong.

CTG Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., registered in Shenzhen, is dedicated to provide financing support for CTG tourism industry, leasing tourism ships, scenic spot equipment, cable car, cableway and other tourism-related resources to tourist attractions operated by CTG units.

China Travel Insurance Advisers Hong Kong Ltd., registered in Hong Kong, provides insurance brokerage (agent) services to corporate clients in Hong Kong. The China Tourism Group Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd., registered in Shenzhen with approval of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, is a national insurance brokerage company providing customers with easy-to-get, professional travel and property insurance services.

CTG Industry Fund, registered in Shenzhen, is a nationwide tourism fund operated by China Tourism Group Industry Fund Management Co., Ltd. for market-oriented investments.

Greater Bay Area Homeland Investments Limited, registered in Hong Kong, is engaged in investment in technical innovation, industrial upgrade, better life, smart city and other fields through Greater Bay Area Homeland Development Fund under its flag.

Zhongyuan Bank Co., Ltd., is an H-share listed company registered in Zhengzhou, which is the first financial institution in Henan Province with over one trillion RMB in assets, ranking 8th among city commercial banks in China today.