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CTG Cruises

As the only large-scale key state-owned enterprise focusing on tourism, China Tourism Group (hereinafter referred to as the Group) has abundant tourism resources, a large network of travel agencies, tourist source organization and tax-free operation capacity, and has unique advantages in developing cruise business, which conforms to the development direction of transformation and upgrading of the Group. In 2015, the Group formally established the cruise business unit (hereinafter referred to as “CTG Cruises”), which is responsible for promoting the cruise business of the Group.

CTG Cruises has the vision to give play to the comprehensive advantage of the Group, and adheres to the slogan of “EXPLORE THE WORLD WITH US”. It focuses on families and singles with high income and middle-class families, optimizing the product design and refining the operation of a cruise fleet to satisfy their tourism demands. The company is joining efforts with partners on the path of “giving play to complementary advantages to pursue win-win cooperation” through properly extending its external cooperation to upward and downstream. Through differentiation strategy, the company provides customers with elegant, comfortable, high-quality cruise experience, so as to build a national cruise brand that is trusted by our people.

Nanhai Cruises

Nanhai Cruises was established on May 20, 2016 jointly by China Tourism Group, China COSCO Shipping Group and China Communications Construction Company under the concept of “strong cooperation and complementary advantages” in Sansha. It now operates the “Nanhai Dream” cruise. This is also an important step taken by these three enterprises directly managed by the central government to actively implement the Belt and Road Initiative, declare the nation’s sovereignty over the South China Sea, and promote economic transformation and upgrading, and supply-side structural reform. Relying on advantages of its shareholders in tourism, ship management, port operation and other fields, Nanhai Cruises successfully opened the Sanya-Xisha route at the end of 2016. To lay a solid foundation for building a Chinese national cruise brand, the company will continuously upgrade its products and services and optimize the product design in an effort to provide cruise products meeting the needs of domestic tourists.

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Astro Ocean International Cruise Co. Ltd.

Astro Ocean International Cruise Co. Ltd. is jointly funded by China Tourism Group and China COSCO Shipping Group. Its headquarters for international operation is located in Hong Kong and has another for domestic operation in Xiamen. Relying on the strength of shareholders and industrial advantages, the company is committed to building a local cruise brand. In October 2019, the company put a 70,000-ton luxury cruise ship “Gulangyu” to operation in China’s home port with well-received service on near-ocean routes. In the future, the company will gradually develop ocean-going lines and international lines. Through considerate and comfortable services and distinctive products with “Chinese aspiration and international style”, the company will provide tourists with high-quality cruise experience with perfect integration of Eastern and Western cultures.

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