Brand and Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Mission: Serve the State and Public with High-quality Tourism Service

China Tourism Group is known for our lofty beliefs and high awareness of social responsibility. Since the early days of the Group's predecessor, the tenet of "Promote national glory, serve travelers, publicize famous tour spots, devote to freight transportation, propagate culture, and take on the responsibility to serve the public" has been instilled into our enterprise culture. During the 1931-1945 Anti-Japanese War, the Group's predecessor was engaged in transporting passengers and goods, carrying ordnance equipment, rescuing patriots, and carrying national treasures of the Forbidden City to prevent Japanese looting. In the days when the new-born People's Republic of China was isolated by the West, the Group undertook the tasks of transfer and reception of foreign dignitaries, guests of Ping Pong Diplomacy, and veterans visiting relatives. After the Reform and Opening Up, the Group pioneered entrepreneurship and built an Overseas Chinese Town on the wasteland of the former Bright Overseas Chinese Farm in Shenzhen, Shahe Branch. After the return of Hong Kong, the Group actively participated in the great practice of "One Country, Two Systems", and demonstrated its responsibility as a central enterprise with its contributions in historic events such as response to SARS, bird flu and Covid-19, the financial crisis, and violence control in Hong Kong. Our employees' devotion to the mission of "Serve the State and Public with High-quality Tourism Service" has never changed over the past century, and this tradition has guaranteed the development of the Group from a humble start to a leader in the tourism industry. Our values would leave far-reaching imprints in the soul of every staff.

Values: Integrating and cooperative, open and inclusive, wise and pragmatic

Integration and cooperation: Keeping market and consumers at the center of our thinking model, we should cooperate across the division boundaries inside the group, eliminating the barriers among business patterns and regions to strengthen the deep integration of the Group's existing resources on the tourism industry chain and tourism value chain. We should promote the integrated development of tourism, culture, sports, technology, education, healthcare, as well as the integrated development of tourism and capital. By promoting the strategic synergy, resource sharing and win-win cooperation between the Group and relevant local governments, upstream and downstream enterprises in the tourism industry, especially leading enterprises in specific sectors on the tourism industry chain, we will foster faster innovation and development in "tourism +" mode, providing consumers with one-stop high-quality products and services in new fields and new scenarios. These efforts would form the cutting edge across the entire tourism industry chain to boost development in the long term.

Openness and inclusiveness: Adhering to the principles on promotion in state-owned enterprises and the concept that talents are most valuable resource, we should open our minds to identify and attract talents with an out-of-the-box thinking manner. We should establish a trust-based talent selection and appointment mechanism, be open-minded and tolerant to talents and build a platform for responsible, knowledgeable and practical people to bring their ability into full play. We insist on identifying, cherishing, respecting and making good use of talents and creating a clean, fair and liberal environment for talents to utilize their struggling spirits and creative ability. We will attract talents from all over the world to build a high-level talent pool. In terms of business development, we would work together with local governments and leading companies in tourism and other fields with an open mind to build an ecosystem of the tourism industry by means of capital integration, joint ventures, brand cooperation, and coordinated development in tourism.

Wisdom and pragmatism: We must have the consciousness of "The Top Priorities of the Country" and do our jobs from a political perspective. We should learn to observe and analyze business while taking politics into account, especially on the work regarding the enterprise reform and development and our own duties. We should look and think from a strategic and overall perspective, so as to align decision-making and specific implementations with the policies of the Party Central Committee. Each strategic business sector should base their operation on our goal to build a leading enterprise in China and in the world market, avoiding loss of direction, unclear understanding, and narrow thinking. We should follow rules and regulations in doing business, but we should never be too rigid and dogmatic to bring damage to our own cause. In the face of new market demands, new expectations of employees and new work requirements, we must have the wisdom and courage to reform and innovate and handle our jobs flexibly, with the readiness to break the old mindset and traditional barriers. We must have down-to-earth attitude and practical measures in doing business and performing duties, neither being an ambitious daydreamer, a procrastinator, nor being a hand-off manager or a cynic critic.

Slogan: Explore the World with Us

Explore the World with Us: As the Group's brand slogan, it expresses the ideas of inheritance, care, tolerance, broadness, vision and transcendence, and explains a concept of limited journey and unlimited company.