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China Tourism Group Investment and Asset Management Co., Ltd. (CTG ASSET), stands as a pivotal subsidiary of China Tourism Group (CTG), specializing in asset operation management and strategic investment incubation. With a registered capital of 1 billion yuan, CTG ASSET oversees 33 wholly-owned and joint-stock enterprises, encompassing a broad spectrum of services including commercial and office property management, tourism transportation, self-driving and RV tourism, asset operation and disposal, and tourism culture media. Aligned with CTG's vision to become a Globally Competitive, World-Class Tourism Industry Group, CTG ASSET focuses on managing existing assets and incubating new business investments. We are actively expanding into new forms of tourism transportation, media, and sightseeing products. Our goal is to build a professional, market-oriented investment and asset operation platform, aspiring to become a leader in tourism investment and operations both in China and globally.

CTG Property Management (Beijing) Company Limited (CTG PROPERTY MANAGEMENT), established in 2001 and merged with Star Travel Property Management Company in 2017, stands as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CTG ASSET specializing in property management. As a member of the China Property Management Institute (CPMI) and Beijing Property Management Association, it is devoted to modern property service embracing digitalization, diversification, and standardization. Driven by technological innovation, CTG PROPERTY MANAGEMENT manages a diverse portfolio of properties including commercial complexes, office buildings, residential areas, parks, and comprehensive buildings, totaling 340,000m2. The management excellence of CTG PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is exemplified by the Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex (Phase II), recognized as an outstanding property service project in both Hainan Province and Sanya City.

China Travel Group Tourist Vehicle Co., Ltd. (CTG TOURIST VEHICLE), a fully-owned subsidiary of CTG ASSET, has been a prominent figure in China's transportation sector since its establishment in 1983 and its subsequent restructure with Beijing Tianma Tourist Vehicle Co., Ltd. in 2017. As a key member of the China Tourism Automobile and Cruise Association, China Road Transport Associations, and China Taxicab and Livery Association, CTG TOURIST VEHICLE operates a diverse fleet of 750 vehicles, including 551 tourist buses and 199 taxis. CTG TOURIST VEHICLE has been recognized for its exceptional service in major national events, notably providing transportation for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China in 2019, the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party in 2021, and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, as a designated supplier. The company's exceptional service has earned accolades from various ministries and service command centers for national events, including the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games service command centers. CTG TOURIST VEHICLE has won numerous awards, including the "Asian Games Victory Cup", "Happiness Cup", "Municipal Advanced Enterprise", "Competition Victory Unit", "Forbidden City Cup", and "Integrity Unit". Additionally, it has been repeatedly named "Municipal Traffic Safety Advanced Unit", "Safe Service Excellence Enterprise for 100 Days", and "Municipal Road Transport Top 100 High-integrity Enterprise".

CTG ROAD TRIPS & CAMPING CO., LTD. (CTG ROAD TRIP), established under CTG ASSET in August 2023, is an entity specializing in self-drive tourism platform service. Operating in Beijing, Southwest China, Hainan, and other strategic markets of China Tourism Group, CTG ROAD TRIP focuses on self-drive travel services and campsite investment management. The company is dedicated to creating competitive self-drive tour routes, organizing cultural festivals, camping conferences, summit forums, and professional training, providing high-quality services to tourists and corporate clients. In the campsite business, thanks to our strength in in campsite selection, planning, operation and management, we are building a campsite network encompassing popular self-drive tour routes to support the development of self-drive tourism and vacation industry. CTG ROAD TRIP aims to build a leading brand in the self-drive tour and campsite industry, with investment, operation and management and brand export as the core business.

Beijing Traveler Magazine Co., Ltd., established in 1995 as a fully-owned subsidiary of CTG ASSET, operates with the philosophy of "Sharing real travel experiences". The magazine has dispatched teams to over 100 countries and regions, covering a wide range of travel-related topics, including destinations, hotels, airlines, self-drive, gastronomy, and lifestyle. Known for its firsthand reporting, unique perspectives, and a top-notch team, Traveler Magazine has become a trusted authority in China's travel media. Committed to corporate social responsibility, the magazine undertakes the paired assistance tasks on behalf of CTG to support the central government's rural revitalization policies. It has received accolades such as the "2019 China Cultural Tourism Social Responsibility Model" from People's Daily and the "2020 Public Welfare Award" from the Boao International Tourism Communication Awards Committee.

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