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CTG Pioneers "Integrity Operation and Quality Service" Initiative: A Step Towards World-Class Tourism

time: 2024-02-06 source: CTG Operation Management Department

In an ambitious move to embody President Xi Jinping's directives for consumer attraction through "Integrity Operation and Quality Service" during his visit at Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex on April 11th, 2023, CTG convened a pivotal mobilization and deployment meeting on February 6th. This meeting aimed at further enhancing core management and service capabilities to establish a world-leading tourism conglomerate. Presided over by General Manager Wang Haimin and graced by Chairman Chen Yin's insightful address, the meeting saw over 120 participants, including members of CTG leadership team and key personnel from headquarters and secondary companies.

During the meeting, CTG's Deputy General Manager Shi Shanbo elaborated on the implementation plan to develop "Integrity Operation and Quality Service" demonstration sites. Representatives from CTG Duty-Free shared insights into the progress of the demonstration base at Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex.

Chairman Chen Yin underscored that the diligent advancement of the "Integrity Operation and Quality Service" demonstration site initiative is not only a strategic measure to fulfill President XI Jinping's significant instructions but also a crucial step towards CTG's transition into a phase of high-quality development. It represents a key strategy in enhancing Group's value creation capability. Building on the achievements of the past two years, CTG is committed to further solidifying its accomplishments.

Chairman Chen laid out the future course of action, emphasizing the buildup of demonstration sites under the "Integrity Operation and Quality Service" banner. He advocated for internal and external benchmarking to uphold first-class standards and leveraging the demonstration sites to uplift the group's overall management and service capabilities. He stressed on holistic planning to ensure impactful implementation of key projects, aiming to boost CTG's core functions, enhance competitive edge, promote cultural and tourism innovation integration, and achieve high-quality development. The ultimate goal is to transform CTG into a first-class global tourism enterprise known for its exceptional products, distinguished brand, innovation leadership, and modern governance.